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Registered on April 13, 2020

The Database for Edge Managed Platforms

Machbase, a time-series database that stores and analyzes a lot of sensor data from various facilities in real time, is the only DBMS solution that can process and analyze big data at high speed. Experience the amazing speed of Machbase! It is the most innovative product that enables real-time processing, storage, and analysis of sensor data
Machbase & EdgeMaster
Machbase Edge Edition The Edge Database for IoT Data High speed sensor data storage and inquiry for sensor data by embedding DBMS in an Edge devices
Machbase Fog Edition Fast data processing in a single server Best data storage and extraction performance by DBMS running in a single server
Machbase Cluster Edition Advanced Big data technology with multi-nodes Configuring Multi-node cluster with the advantages of availability and scalability
EdgeMaster Edge Computing Platform Total management solution of Edge computing for device, connectivity and data
Why Machbase DBMS for Industrial IoT?
  • High speed data input speed that is 10 times faster than general DBMS
  • Maximize storage efficiency through real-time compression
  • Provide table structure optimized for processing sensor data sets
  • Support standard SQL for data analysis in real-time
  • Improve resource availability through free tuning
  • Standard API provided (ODBC, JDBC, C# connector, Python, Rest API)
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