Time Series DBMS Use Cases
Machbase edge computing database uses range from process data management in the semiconductor industry, to product lifecycle and predictive maintenance in high-tech industries, as well as real-time data processing in precision industrial environments.
Edge Computing

Sensor data processing requirements are increasing in the Smart-X era. As a core technology of IIoT edge computing, a new type of DBMS is required for sensor data area. Machbase is being applied for sensor data processing and has become essential software in the IoT era.
Edge intelligence, using traditional open source, ignores the consumption of resources such as excessive memory usage when performing large-scale engineering work, resulting in poor performance. In industrial IoT, latency, bandwidth, hardware resource utilization, data compression, security, and connectivity are quite different from general IoT.
Mass sensor data generated by IIoT must be transmitted to the Fog, Cloud or data center while being monitored through the edge. When implementing sensor data processing, edge intelligence must be accompanied by optimizations to ensure that hardware resources are used appropriately. You can not store data on edge intelligence indefinitely, nor you can ignore storage costs in the cloud. Edge computing and the cloud are inseparable.

Edge Computing
Need to dynamically query data to handle abnormal situations (violation rules) of thousands fo edge intelligence devices. Data queried needs to include 10 seconds of data before and after violation timestamp into a fog server.
Currently, establishing appropriate timeout values, at the client application level, for edge intelligence is extremely difficult due to unstable varied query execution time while inserting data into the fog server.
Effect of application
Process, analyze and query over 1000 edge intelligence devices simultaneously for raw data review against rule violations. Each edge intelligence device services 1,000 data transfers per second and one million entries per second. Over a 1000 of these edge intelligences device can be handed by a single stand-alone fog server. No expensive distributed system required