Time Series DBMS Use Cases
Machbase edge computing database uses range from process data management in the semiconductor industry, to product lifecycle and predictive maintenance in high-tech industries, as well as real-time data processing in precision industrial environments.

New diagnostic equipment in the medical field, the monitoring of the patient's vital signs, and the operation of the associated equipment provide an unprecedented level of therapeutic services, but at the same time produce vast amounts of sensitive patient data. By processing and analyzing more data in healthcare facilities we can improve the effectiveness of patient services. Using Edge Intelligence, provide real-time monitoring of patient status in compliance with healthcare personal information policies and security. Provides automatic notification and medication remedies, in the event of abnormalities or emergencies, to healthcare professionals. Support for large data volume transmission to the remote servers at 24/7 service levels is also required.

In order to calculate the optimal dosage for each patient at the time of anesthesia, age, lesion and genetic characteristics according to the patient information were measured by edge intelligence collecting sensor data. To administer correct dosage, a data repository and AI based big data platform with disease and patient characteristics are needed.
The real-time sensor data connected to instrumentation comes from thousands of beds. The need to process voluminous real-time sensor data concurrently exists, monitoring data for at least 4,000 beds for 24 hours.
Effect of application
By automating the optimization of dosing through edge intelligence equipment connected to the patient, reducing the need for caregivers and full-time clinicians to respond urgently to abnormalities, it is possible to reduce the workload of nurses and physicians and of treatment costs.