Edge Computing and Data Processing Requirements



How fast and how much data should be processed at the edge service side? The clearer the answer to this question, the better the vision of the future that Edge Computing could deliver to customers.

For example, the data processing requirements of the edge equipment for real-time monitoring and management of NC (Numerical Control) equipment should be capable of processing about 1 Tera-byte of data for two weeks. If we convert this value more accurately, it needs to process 872,628 bytes per second. Converting this to the average size of the actual sensor data (about 20 bytes), which means the edge equipment should process 400,000 events per second.

It is also high requirement for real-time analysis and storage in a second storage device. Furthermore, depending on the environment, if an edge device needs to support high availability, it will require a higher level of data processing technology.

Ultimately, depending on the industry, the types, characteristics and total volumes of data will be different. It is obvious that the demands of various forms will become higher over time.


Machbase and Edge Computing


Machbase is a real-time time series database. It has already provided edge/fog edition products for high-speed data processing by edge computing.

It supports ARM CPU-based ARTIK 7 and Raspberry Pi 2/3 as well as Intel CPU based embedded devices. Raspberry Pi 3 and ARTIK 7 can store up to 200,000 sensor data per second, while simultaneously using CPU and disk usage very effectively.

advantech_utx3117_new artik7 rasberry3


Even with edge equipment, Machbase with big data technology can store more than hundreds of billions of data in its storage. The capability of search and analysis for big data is also outstanding. In addition, based on standard SQL syntax, extended SQL for time series data enables analysis and processing related to sensors to be performed in real time, making it an ideal product as a core module of edge computing solutions. The future roadmaps will allow users to build a cluster, based on multiple edge devices, which means that edge computing requirements for high performance and high availability are supported without any difficulties.

Machbase has already met the excellent data processing requirements for the edge computing. If you want to know more about Machbase, please visit the homepage (http://www.machbase.com/download).



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